GOOD BYE, JAMES! WEíLL MISS YOU por Alumnos/as de 4ļC, IES Tiempos Modernos

James has been our language assistant during this year. He left the school last week, so some of us interviewed him last Thursday. We asked him about his life in England:

Whatís your surname?

My surname is Grewar. Itís Scottish because two of my grandparents are Scottish.

How old are you? And, when is your birthday?

Iím 23 years old. My birthday is on 27th August.

What have you studied?

I have studied International Commerce for four years.

What was your High School? Are there any differences between this school and yours?

I studied at Hatfield High School. Yes, there are quite a few differences. The subjects are different. I think that there are some subjects here, like philosophy, that are really difficult and not very useful. However, in England, there are subjects like cooking class that are much more useful. I also think that languages in England are more important, so you can choose any language you want: French, Spanish, German, Italian, ChineseÖ

In addition, I think teachers are stricter in Spain than in England.

We were a bit surprised because of that, because we didnít think there were so many differences, and we thought that teachers in England were stricter. Now, we know itís false!

Then, we asked him about Spain:

Do you like Spanish food? Whatís your favourite one?

Yes, I love it. I think that my favourite Spanish food is Spanish omelette, but I like all kinds of food. However, I donít like paella, because I hate seafood.

Have you learnt Spanish language? Tell us some words you have learnt.

Yes, I have learnt a lot. MmmmÖ CERVEZA! And lots of words about going out.

We taught him some more words, and some sentences to flirt with girls in Spanish. He said that he had a Spanish girlfriend, so he didnít need them! He laughed a lot, and we had fun.

What will you miss of Spain?

Iíll definitely miss PARTIES! Iíll also miss the fact of being in a new place, meeting new people, learning a lotÖ I think itís something good to do.

Will you come back to Spain next year? If not, where are you going to go?

Iím not sure but I think I wonít work here next year. Iíll probably come back on holidays. I would like to go to the USA next year. I want to go to Las Vegas.

Finally, we asked him about his experience here, in our school:

Do you like our English teachers?

Yes, they are very kind and very helpful.

Whatís your favourite class?

MmmÖ thatís difficult! I obviously loved your class, 4ļC!! but I liked all the classes.

Do you think it has been a good experience?

Yes, very good. I have learnt how to be a teacher in Spain, I have visited another country, I have learnt our customsÖ I have met a lot of people too, like Charlotte or Gordon, the other languages assistants here.


He was really happy and we told him we had also had a good time this year with him. Then, we took a photo together and we wished him all the best:





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