Hannah Gross is a young American language assistant who has been teaching  the plurilingual groups for the whole year. On our last lesson  with Hannah we, the students of 2ª D,  prepared an interview with her.  It´s been great to have the chance to meet her because she is such a charming girl! She  is also a great teacher and we have learnt a lot this year.

-Did you choose this city or were you sent here?

I chose Zaragoza because I had heard this was  a very “Spanish”  city ant I wanted to have a very Spanish experience and also it was between two big cities like Madrid and Barcelona.

-What did you think about Spain before you came?

I thought that it was good music, good food, good weather and I had the idea that  people are very friendly and they enjoy life.

-Had you heard about Tapas in NY?

Yes, I had heard about it in NY.  There are some Spanish restaurants with paella and small dishes like tapas.

-At the beginning  of the trip, did you understand Spanish people?

Not much because  although I had  some Spanish lessons at secondary school, it seemed I had forgotten everything when I arrived here!  But now I´m very pleased  I understand a lot of Spanish.

-If you had to choose only one thing of Spain, what would you choose?

I would choose Tortilla de patata, of course.  But also I´d choose  the feeling of enjoying  every day, and every little thing of life, because in NY every body is working all the time. And in Spain people enjoy  life more.

-What cultural differences have you noticed?

The family in Spain is really important. People are closer and they do everything together whereas  in the USA if you are in the east and your family are in the west, you are so far from each other. Another thing I have noticed is the time of eating. Big, big differences. I’m  sure there are other things.

-What have you learnt here?

In the school I have stayed  with good teachers and the English Department  and I have learnt a lot about teaching . I learnt how to connect with the students and how to make them interested   while they are still learning. I think it’s very important.

-What about timetables…We know that timetables are so different in Spain and the  USA  but for you ,what was the most difficult part of the day here in Spain?

It was very strange for me to go out of the school and see that no shops were open from 14:30 to 16:30 . Shops were closed on Sundays as well. In the USA everything is open on Sundays..

-Now you are about to go back home. Has this been a good experience for you?

When I went to Zaragoza, I was a little bit scared. The language, the people etc.

But time was passing and  it´s been great! I think that Spanish people are  people that like to go out to party but the next day they will go to work. I like that! I think I would like to stay longer! in Zaragoza!

-How do the Americans see Spanish people?                       

I think we are a bit confused, normally the Americans think that Spanish people don´t work and they are all the day drinking sangria, partying and sleeping siesta. But actually everything  is so different.  Spanish people enjoy  life, the little moments and being  more relaxed. You are less stressed than us.  Specially in New York,  life in the big city is very stressing . We are always running! Always in a hurry.   But in Spain you enjoy more the day. When I arrive to New York I’m going to tell my friends that the stereotypes of Spanish people are false, that you work hard but you are less stressed than we are.

-Are schools in USA different to our school?

Yes they are. Students in the USA never say  teachers´ first names.  It’s always Mr or Mss and there’re a lot of testing and government tests. Teaches stay in class and students are always moving and they have lockers. I think there is  more creative thinking .  I have liked your school a lot!

               We thanked Hannah for being so kind and helpful all through the year. We gave her some flowers and a big card because we want her to know we have been so happy to have her at school. We hope she will keep good memories from her days at Tiempos Modernos Secondary School.  



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